Take the Sting Out of Your Child’s Allergies

When your child spends more time scratching, sneezing, and wheezing than playing and adventuring, it can be hard to know how to help them with their allergies. While antihistamines and epinephrine hav

Building happy, healthy brains

In the new reality introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, kids may be showing signs of worry and stress. It could be a natural reaction to concern demonstrated by adults, or because of news coverage and

The Secret Life of Fungi

There is more than meets the eye As a human being, when you think of something that is “like you,” what do you imagine? In 2000, Dr. Michael Hathaway, professor of anthropology at Simon Fraser Univers

The Cold, The Flu, and The Gut

A healthy gut microbiome may be your best immune defense Cold and flu season might be dreadful, so we’re going to have our probiotics at the ready! We’re covering our bases when it comes to prevention

No gym? No problem

Media inundates our lives, not only with news about impending doom but also with “influencers” inspiring or shaming about what should or shouldn’t be achieved while spending more time indoors. Shame i

12 Historical Herbal Helpers

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors fended off dreaded seasonal viruses? Because we’re sure the answer’s probably: “No, I’m too busy wondering how to fend off modern-day seasonal viruses,” we’re

Bolstering Kids’ Immunity

Navigating uncertain times is no small feat, especially for parents who are concerned about how to keep their kids happy and safe. Measures such as school shutdowns, frequent handwashing, and physical

Cold, Flu, Or COVID-19?

“Don’t go outside,” our grandmothers scolded. “It’s wet. You’ll get sick!” As wise as she is, that’s not quite how the cold and flu viruses work. Let’s break it down.Invasion of the body snatchers Dr.

Ashwagandha: The Stress Supplement You Might Need Right Now

As with the benefits of borage oil, discovering how new varieties of botanicals can help us navigate through our lives and personal health can be an eye-opening experience. Today, we’re shining the sp

Rooted In Vitality

Fixed as they are, deep in the soil, plants can’t run from a threat. Instead, they’re left to their own devices to protect themselves from pathogens, parasites, herbivores, and the environment—and the

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