Expert Advice: How to Support Your Immune System

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are feeling anxious and full of questions about staying healthy. Washing your hands and keeping your distance from others is the absolute best way

Respect Your Elderberries

Viruses beware! We all love snacking on different types of berries so we can benefit from their wonderful health effects, but have you ever considered the magic of elderberries?What’s so great about e

Myths and Facts About Coronavirus

In the age of the internet, our ability to access information is easier than ever. And with the COVID-19 virus monopolizing conversation and increasing anxiety, we need reliable facts and advice to fe

Optimize Your Immune System with Ancient Nutrition

Immunity is critical—now more than ever. Why? Well, your immune system not only protects you from harmful bacteria and viruses, but also helps determine your recovery from sickness. If you’re ready fo

What You Need to Know About Manuka Honey’s Immunity Benefits

What’s the buzz? Honey is one of nature’s most amazing gifts. This sweet, syrupy nectar made by hundreds of busy little bees has a wide variety of different uses, from creating beeswax and helping sta

Immunity Series, Part 1: This Is What Happens When a Virus...

With the whole world clamoring for information during the rapid spread of COVID-19, the global public health community is echoing a message familiar to anyone who’s big into natural health (that’s you

Rev Up Your Immune System

While the world remains focused on the new realities imposed by the virus that causes COVID-19, the global public health community continues to echo what the natural health community already knows: pr

Examining the Role of Vitamin D in COVID-19

We’ve been maintaining a strong focus on our health and immunity this year, and for good reason. The practice of good hygiene and social and physical distancing combined with a strong immune system ar

Protect Your Health and Resist Illness

With the whole world clamouring for information during the rapid spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, the global public health community has been echoing a message familiar to all propone


Drink this tea for comforting immune support. Nettle is thought to help modulate the immune system with antiviral effects, while chamomile may help bring calm for a restful night’s sleep to give our i

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