What’s In A Name?

Shakespeare suggested that roses would smell sweet no matter what they were called. The idea, of course, is that the name of a thing doesn’t change its essence. When it comes to the word “self-care,”

‘Why I Grow Hemp’

For more than 20 years, Canada’s hemp farmers have been seeding and harvesting a crop that has grown to become, by some reports, the second largest of its kind in the world. Canadian hemp production i

Conscious Celebrations

This holiday season, let’s rethink consumption  The holidays are notorious for excess and overconsumption. It’s not just bad news for the planet, though: this excess also creates stress, both emotiona

What We Learned

My New Year’s resolution: to put 2020 firmly behind me (and maybe skip ahead to 2025 just to be safe). Yet, as I reflect on a turbulent year, there are moments of inspiration tangled up in the pile of

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